Friday, January 27, 2012

The "Red Cape" I Don't Have...

It's become a personal contest inwardly for me to see how many times I can actually keep smiling and say something nice back when I hear those dreaded words, "Are they ALL yours?" I try, with a calm head and tone to reveal a poised, well put together mother who cherishes every moment with her children and I politely  respond back with, "Yes, they are. I am VERY blessed."

Now I respond with this for merely two reasons. One being that if I come back with a positive response, the person looking down on me will most likely then in turn change their attitude towards the day care I so often have trailing me. Reason two, is purely because I am blessed.

But next comes the hard one. The core question I dread as a mother, a woman, a human. Its the shaking head, low tone, sorry for you statement that includes... "I just don't know how you do it."

So I figure I will give it to you straight as  plainly as it is.

"I DO IT BECAUSE THEY ARE MY CHILDREN." Yes, are their mothers that walk away from this daily? Unfortunately so, but obviously you are not looking at that type of mother or I would not be in Target with seven children buying birthday presents for the 14 birthday parties we are attending this week. SO, instead of wondering where my super power comes from and judging the fact that maybe I haven't brushed my hair or teeth in a day (or two), why not give a smile, offer an encouraging word, or better yet just remember to say a prayer for that mother you saw in Target today.

Being a mother is not all roses. Sorry but its not and I've never met any mother who felt that it was. Its work. HARD work. There are days I wish I did sport a lush red velvet cape around my neck or a belt that made me invisible, or a ring that could blast me to each and every event in a timely manner, or better yet, the power to make time stand still. Then maybe after 10 years, I would get a full nights rest.

But ask a mother how she does it, and all you will do is aid her in building her trust in humanity wall higher and higher. We do it because we choose to do it. We do it because we cry just as hard as they do when the fall down. We do it because, when they succeed, a little piece of us wants to hold that trophy with them. We do it because when they are sick, with every fiber in your body wish it was you and not them. We do it because we have to teach them how to do it for their children. We do it because we love them.

John 3:16, children learn by example. So although I don't sport a red cape I choose to do it because I was blessed to be called "mom."


  1. LOVE it April!! With just my three, people ask if they are all mine and then it's "Wow, you have your hands full!" Drives me crazy! Just because they couldn't handle more than one or two children, doesn't mean other people can't! How would they like it if we said "You only have one? You must have so much free time!" I bet they wouldn't like it either!!

  2. Well said, dear friend. I, for one, pray for you daily. You *are* an amazing woman, but not because you have 7 kids or because of all that you do. You are amazing because you take both the gifts and the trials that God gives you, and you use them to His glory. Much love to you!

  3. Excellent post. I am so proud of you and your blessings.

  4. I think all Moms should sport a red cape. I might just sew you one (oh wait..I don'y know how to sew. ok, I'll just send you a red sheet) and you can sport it next time you go to Target. That way when someone asks, "Are they ALL yours? How do you do it?" You can simply say, "Because I'm Supermom! See the red cape?" HA! Love you!